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  • Christmas Tree Salesman from A Christmas Story – Dead (6/11/2014) - His real-life name was Leslie Carlson. While A Christmas Story was not his larges cameo, he has a memorable piece in the movie. AS the Old Man looks to dicker over the price of a Christmas Tree, the tree salesman (Carlson) brings by a sad sapling of a tree worthy of a Charlie Brown pageant […]
  • Christmas in…April? (4/11/2014) - I have received no fewer than three emails this week advertising tickets for Holiday and Christmas shows. From Andrea Bocelli to kid-specific shows. I know that I often hear people complaining that “Christmas decorations and sales are starting earlier and earlier each year” but how how do you feel about getting promo emails to buy […]
  • Article on Peter Billingsley (3/7/2014) - Buzzfeed did a great article How “A Christmas Story” Kept Peter Billingsley Normal  There is one item, however, tucked into an inconspicuous corner of his office, that makes plain Billingsley is something beyond a prosperous movie industry player. It’s a small lamp, with a tasseled shade, and, if you squint, you can make out the important […]
  • Be sure to drink your Ovaltine…A FRAUD! (2/28/2014) - I just read an article that profoundly affects the very fabric of Ralphie’s quest for the Little Orphan Annie secret decoder ring. As one of the major sub-plots of A Christmas Story, Ralphie agonizes as he waits for the decoder ring to arrive so he can solve the ultimate riddle…to drink milk with chocolate powder. I let […]
  • A Christmas Story Miracle – Flick an NBA Prospect? (2/20/2014) - He’s come a looooong way from having his tongue stuck to a flagpole in A Christmas Story. While Ralphie has gone on to become a top director & Scutt Farkas is known for anti-bullying, little ole’ Flick has lived in the shadows of his Cleveland elementary brethren. NO MORE! Flick found himself back out on a playground, […]